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Marathon Training

I still owe you a Wine & Dine Half Marathon recap (spoiler: I was SLOW). Also, a San Diego Half Marathon recap (spoiler: Washington St. is BRUTAL).

But, I’m training for a marathon and feel like every conversation I have comes around to it because it’s huge on my mind these days.

My training plan for the Rock N Roll Marathon was supposed to start in November immediately after Wine & Dine for the full 30 week plan (which is admittedly longer than most plans), though I was planning to give myself a couple weeks off for post-Wine & Dine for recovery since the early mileage was something I could handle. But due to some procrastinating and burnout, followed by some travel and holidays, followed by the flu and bronchitis (the WORST)… well, marathon training started January 30 turning my 30 week plan into an 18 week plan (or 125 day plan from the date of the first official training run). Oops.

I went through the full plan and rewrote it to work in a nice build with some important recovery weeks included. I also threw in the aforementioned San Diego Half for training.

My speed is miserably slow which is entirely my own fault for slacking off on training last summer and fall and ALSO continuing to eat like I wasn’t slacking off on training and putting on some weight. #realitycheck But, my diligence, dedication, and drive is at an all-time high and I’ve missed very few weekday maintenance runs and NO long runs since I started training.

This past Saturday, I ran 17.9 miles – the furthest I have EVER run! It was a slow jog/walk/jog, but I *did* it. Like, I actually finished it. I got up before the sun and hit the road solo for nearly 18 miles. Proud doesn’t begin to cover it.

So, be on the lookout for an influx of updates and as always, you can find me on Insta (@bleach226) where you can follow along for all the updates in real time. 🙂

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