About the Girl

Hi, I’m Bree.


I’ve always found “About” pages awesome to read (because everyone has a different story) and incredibly difficult to write (because how do I sum up my story?!). So, who am I?

  • I’m a 30-something San Diegan.
  • I first used Bleach226 when my parents got AOL when I was 13.
    • Can you guess when my birthday is?
  • I’ve lived in California my entire life (unless you count that college semester abroad).
  • Dolphins have been my favorite animal since I was seven.
  • I went to the University of San Diego and majored in getting minors.
    • I mean, I majored in History and minored in Media Studies, Religious Studies, and Philosophy.
  • I’ve worked at the same non-profit since I graduated from college.
    • Naturally, my job involves a lot of science and math. #thankscollege
  • I love ice cream and energy drinks more than I should.
  • I danced growing up and cheered a bit in high school. I hated working out alone.
    • I fell in love with group fitness after college and became a Les Mills instructor. I’m certified to teach BodyFlow (BodyBalance if you’re outside the US), Sh’Bam, and just recently passed my CXWorx initial training (now to become fully certified!).
    • I joined Team In Training and completed my first endurance event.
  • I don’t like running (and I still don’t like working out alone).
    • Naturally, I’ve completed an Olympic distance triathlon (that’s a 10K at the end), two 10Ks, one 8-Miler, and five half marathons. I have two more half marathons and another 10K on the calendar for 2016 (right now). #lifeisfullofcontradictions
  • I have fully embraced the hashtag even when it’s totally useless. 😉
  • I’m an unapologetic Disney fan and have a Disneyland AP.
    • I do most of my running BECAUSE of Disney and AT Disney.
  • I live in mostly shades of blue, teal, and mint.
  • I run a photography business.
    • You can find most of my client work on Facebook.
    • My personal photo projects can usually be found on Instagram (heavily featuring beaches and Disney). Select photos are available for sale on Etsy. I used to be really good at updating my Flickr and my blog. Key words: used to. Social media, am I right?
    • I have have a habit of hiding behind the camera at most events and can spend full days walking around taking pictures.
  • Speaking of social media though, I’m on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram separate from my photography. Let’s be friends!
    • I wrote my college honor’s thesis about social media. I like to think I was ahead of my time.
  • I used to devour books, but lately find myself struggling to finish one. Meanwhile, I read blogs like crazy.
  • I love to plan and use my Google calendar, Siri reminders, and paper planner on a daily basis.

It’s nice to meet you.

I can be reached by email here.