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Of Long Absences and Other Things

Well, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve written. Apparently. The thing is? I’ve had things to say. Like, it’s been a busy year. Not in the “it’s been busy” excuse style (although for SURE I could use it), but in the stuff happened sense. There was A LOT of running and training. There was… Continue reading Of Long Absences and Other Things

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Life Lately [Holidays, Lifting, and Goals]

It’s June. Okay, you probably already knew that, but seriously? It’s JUNE. Like, we are fast approaching being halfway through 2016 and how is that even possible? So, let’s talk about life lately – the little things that never seem to make it as a post on their own. 🙂 On Holidays On Monday, I had… Continue reading Life Lately [Holidays, Lifting, and Goals]

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Breakthrough: What Happens When I Really Listen

Alternate Title: Why I Listen to Music When I Run [Work Out] With just a few days to go until Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend and the Pixie Dust Challenge, my brain is starting to overload. I’m excited! I’m nervous! I’m excited! I’m nervous! I’m thinking about what I need to do before and after work… Continue reading Breakthrough: What Happens When I Really Listen

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Life Lately: Of Food & Learning

I’ve been brainstorming and brainstorming recently, but there’s a bunch of little things going on right now that just didn’t seem to flesh out into their own posts. So, here’s a brief recap on life lately. Of Food After an extremely delicious and altogether indulgent Easter (dirt cake, I love you), I knew I needed… Continue reading Life Lately: Of Food & Learning

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That Princess Bling Tho…

My top recommendation to any runDisney runner? Or any runner? WEAR THAT BLING. Nothing beats congratulations after congratulations in the parks after the race. When else do you have the opportunity to wear your race medals? (Psst, did you know you can click the pictures to see them big?) The week after the Princess Half… Continue reading That Princess Bling Tho…

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Cross Training Spotlight: BodyFlow™

It’s been awhile since my first spotlight, so it seemed about time for another. So, let’s talk about BodyFlow™. Fun fact: It’s only called BodyFlow in the United States. If you go anywhere else in the world, or are visiting this blog from anywhere else in the world (hi! welcome!), you’ll see BodyBalance™. So, Flow/Balance –… Continue reading Cross Training Spotlight: BodyFlow™

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Running Buddies [Accountability]

I had made a note a few weeks ago to talk about running buddies and accountability here on the blog, but I hadn’t figured out how to say what I wanted to say yet. Then, just the other day, a friend and I were chatting about training, running, and schedules. She’s doing Pixie Dust with… Continue reading Running Buddies [Accountability]

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Les Mills Super Quarterly – El Segundo, CA

Where do I even begin? I’ve been silently crafting this blog post for days now and still don’t know if I have the right words to convey how fantastic the Super Q was on Saturday. So, I’m just going to go through every little bit of it. My apologies in advance if some of this gets… Continue reading Les Mills Super Quarterly – El Segundo, CA

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Every Race Needs a Goal

So, I always start with good intentions. Saturday to Saturday last week, I ran 18 miles (including my 8 mile race). This week? Well, does 5 miles today count? Like I’ve said, I’m really good at cross-training. Too good in fact. I’m okay with this somewhat haphazard schedule of “training” right now, but I know that… Continue reading Every Race Needs a Goal