I’ve written about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (September 14) many times before, but that’s no reason to stop posting.

I’m sure many of you have already seen pink in anticipation for Breast Cancer Awareness next month or heard about various drives/calls to action. Some of you may be well aware of Movember for Prostate Cancer Awareness. I’m not saying this is bad. The more awareness, the more research, the better the prognosis if you or a loved one ever gets cancer. So why don’t we hear much about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? Why does it seem to get overlooked each year?

I’m not sure what year this infographic was made, to be honest, but it still has some good information. St. Baldrick’s reports 1 in 285 will be diagnosed with cancer. St. Jude and St. Baldrick’s report that 1 in 5 will not survive. Just like in adults, the type of cancer makes a huge difference when it comes to survival.

September is also blood cancer awareness month and ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) accounts for 75% of childhood leukemia – it currently has a 90% survival rate. There are other blood cancers that still need more research to increase survival rates and I know that the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society hopes to go out of business one day because their work is done. Did you know that about 60% of all funding for drug development in adult cancers comes from pharmaceutical companies? But St. Baldrick’s reports that for kids, almost none comes from pharmaceutical companies because childhood cancer drugs are not profitable.

Did you know that Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals treat 88% of the children that have cancer???? Help me raise even more money this month to support these hospitals – for research, for care, for equipment, for the best professionals, for whatever they need to keep doing excellent work at your local children’s hospital.

In honor of an angel that flew to heaven five years ago today, I present a couple of “reruns” and ask you to please join the bone marrow registry, pray it forward, donate blood, and help raise awareness. Help find a cure.

May 7, 2008

“I was fifteen years old and just a few weeks into my sophomore year of high school. The day started out like any other day: I woke up, got ready for school, and stopped into my cheer advisor’s classroom when I got to school. From that moment on, it was no longer a typical day.

Courtney had leukemia. She was thirteen years old. How was this possible?

I fumbled through my day. By the time I got to cheer practice in 6th period, I was so grateful to be surrounded by other girls who knew Court. We hugged and we sat in silence. We tried not to cry, but sometimes couldn’t help ourselves. We took the team picture that day and the other freshmen cheerleaders used eyeliner to honor her on their shoulders.

Days, weeks, and months passed by. We missed Court every day and wished her the best. We made videos and cards for her. By the end of the year, there was no evidence of disease. She was cancer free and given the go ahead for coming back to school the following year. Success! She was a survivor.

She was an inspiration… and she continues to inspire from the heavens. She did not have an earthly survival when she was re-diagnosed with leukemia two years ago. I have written of those final days many times, but I still struggle with understanding why she couldn’t survive leukemia a second time. She was nineteen years old. This isn’t how a life should end. It breaks my heart to see living grief in her family and closest friends.”

October 14, 2008

“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. ~From the television show The Wonder Years

Courtney’s mom set up a group a long time ago, where people can go to light virtual candles, think of her today… wear pink, light a candle, pray it forward.”

One Year Ago...


I’ve been remiss in posting… in many regards. I have so much to say and catch you up on…

This week is a big week. As a nation, we remembered on the ten year anniversary of September 11th. I can hardly believe how quickly the last ten years has gone.

Garnering much less attention though… yesterday, September 13th, was National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (as we are here in the middle of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month). This date will be specially set aside each year to call attention to pediatric cancer, the #1 cause of death by disease in children in the United States.

The impact of childhood cancer on our nation is staggering and I pray we find a cure. Here are a few facts from Children’s Cancer Fund:

* Cancer cuts short the lives of more children under the age of 20 than any other disease

* 1 child out of 5 who is diagnosed with cancer dies

* 3 out of 5 children suffer from long-term or late side effects

* Every school day, 46 young people, or two classrooms of students, are diagnosed with cancer in this country

* There are now more than 270,000 childhood cancer survivors in the United States, and this number is growing rapidly

Please consider a donation to Max’s Ring of Fire or another organization dedicated to funding research and support for pediatric cancer.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

You can also click this picture to download it here. I highly recommend visiting CureSearch though for more information about Childhood Cancer. Every year, 12,500 children are diagnosed with cancer.

This month, I will recommit to the blogging journey that began last summer with Team In Training for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It is a cause near and dear to my heart. Come with me on the journey and spread the word. Together, let’s raise awareness. Let’s end Childhood Cancer.

For the next four days, you can GET 30% off your purchase at Gap, Banana Republic, & Old Navy and they will GIVE The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 5% of your purchase. It starts today (March 12th) and goes through the weekend.

Shop to fight cancer! Print your coupon here and use it as many times in the next for days as you want! Everyone wins… you get those new summer clothes, Gap gets sales, and LLS benefits to research for cancer!

As a TNT alum, I still get emails weekly about fundraisers and other events taking place in the San Diego area… I wanted to pass the following information along from a message I received today.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is sponsoring a blood drive on Tuesday, March 24th (see below for more details).

The email also states:

We are also hosting a drive for the Bone Marrow Registry in conjunction with the Blood Drive.  This is a totally non-invasive procedure; it just takes a cheek swab to register.  You may call 619-400-8268 if you have any questions about the Bone Marrow Registry process.

 You may qualify to be a marrow or blood stem cell donor if you:
•     Are between the ages of 18 and 60
•     Have no history of asthma, cancer, diabetes, neck or back problems, heart or circulatory disease
•     Are within 20% of the ideal weight for your height and age set by the NMDP®
•     Are willing to donate to anyone who needs a transplant

I’ve copied the location and registration information from the email and posted it below, if you able, please consider attending. If you are unable to attend this particular drive, please be aware that there are blood banks all over the United States and most accept walk-ins or have appointments available. Consider being a blood donor. Also, even if you cannot attend this drive, you can become a registered bone marrow donor in other ways as well.


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 
Parking Lot 
9150 Chesapeake Dr 
San Diego,CA 92123 
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Sponsor Code: TLLS
Click here to make an appointment. 

Please call  1-800-4MY-SDBB if you have any questions about being a life-giving blood donor.


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