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Anti-Racism Resources

My IG profile proclaims, “sometimes, I blog!” Sometimes is well, loose.

But, in the event that anyone is clicking it, here are some important anti-racism resources (because Black lives MATTER) that have been compiled and graciously shared. It’s important that we do the work to seek out resources. It’s also important that we save and share and return to the resources we’ve found:

Anti-Racism Resources (a similar adapted list can also be found here)

Jane Mount’s book post

Rachel Cargle’s Resource Round-Up (and follow her on IG!)

Join The Conscious Kid’s Patreon for children’s books and resources (or follow in IG!)

Therapissed’s book list

Google and learn about redlining. Learn about racial gaslighting.

Read Martin Luther King Jr.’s actual words IN FULL. Follow his children that continue his work.

Follow Black activists, organizations like Black Lives Matter, and many others. DONATE to these activists, to these organizations, to bail funds… support their work monetarily if you’re able.

Diversify your feeds on Instagram and on Twitter to expand your circle (obviously try to expand your IRL circles too). Support Black-owned businesses. Support Black people. Stand up for them every.single.time.


I will update this if I come across more resources, but if you happen upon this post please post resources you’ve found in the comments.

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