First a quick recap, my 5-miler on Saturday turned into a 4-miler and a 1-miler (four before the gym and one after on the treadmill) on Sunday. I planned poorly with running on Saturday evening after my beach gym session. At least I got an awesome sunset out of it. :)

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IMG_1927 sooc raw wm

I couldn’t get the sand off my feet and after finally feeling better with the blister situation I wasn’t going to risk it. I felt pretty good, but my speed was not awesome. I thought the cooler temps would help more than they did, haha. Still though, I was glad to have not lost too much after taking most of my week off from working out.

Tonight, I extended my normal 45 minute run to 60 minutes to make up for some of last week’s lost time and I went back to my old friend – the hill. The half mile climb. Oofda. I did four repeats and then some laps around the parking lot to make up the remainder of the time. I could still feel the congestion, but was surprised and impressed to see my time was a little better than the last time I did that hill repeat. Granted, it was probably mostly because it was WAY cooler, but hopefully some of it was because I’ve actually been training too. :)

By the way, does anyone else HATE when you forget to change your Nike+ back to outdoor from indoor. Such a bummer!

On the plus side, I run Runkeeper concurrently for the intervals.

Okay, the real point of this post? :)

I’ve got my first speed work workout on Saturday and I’m totally nervous about it. I’m always the turtle. I mean, I’ve certainly seen improvements in time and that’s obviously the GOAL, but I just mean that I’m really good at pacing. I can usually avoid taking off too fast or slowing too much after hitting a wall (depending on the weather…). But speed work? Well, this is a whole new game.

I’ve read and re-read the training guide. Standard warm up. Okay. Got it. 800 meter repeats at 15 seconds faster than half of goal mile pace (GULP). Walk for three minutes. Repeat. But what I don’t get is the four accelerations after the warm up before the 800s. Is anyone else doing the get faster Galloway plan? Or maybe did it in the past? Or maybe at least “gets it” on what I’m supposed to do? I’ve got four repeats this weekend. Maybe I can find someone to join me…

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I’m accepting all advice. :D

So, training for the Princess Half Marathon started officially about three weeks ago. I mentioned that I was debating different training plans awhile back and my plan is to mostly follow the time improvement official plan from Jeff Galloway for runDisney. My first run once training officially started was a beautiful sunset run.


We talked about some of my trials and tribulations of training earlier this week, but I’m super proud that I’ve managed to hit almost all of my runs (I missed a maintenance run on this week due to a cold – drat!) even if I’ve had to make some adjustments (such as doing 35 minutes, a gym class, and then the remaining 10 minutes or finishing up a 4 mile run on the treadmill after class because I only had time for 3.6 before class). It’s not perfect, but it works. I’m getting the time and miles in however I can. Hopefully I can make up the lost time from this week’s missed run at some point even if I can’t make up the day anymore… and hopefully that missed run doesn’t make today’s 5 miles too unbearable.

At least we’ve finally got cooler temperatures! (Dear self, don’t jinx it!)

I went to Disneyland about a week and a half ago – the day before my Surfing Madonna 10k – and it was the perfect escape. I hadn’t been in ages and needed a little magic. I ended up getting a pass again for the first time in years knowing that I’ve got some races coming up in the next year (and therefore “automatic” trips) and I knew if I had the pass I’d make use of it. In fact, as I drove back to my place from my parents’ this past Sunday, I stopped just because I could. It was a strange sort of experience being there alone, but it was great to get pictures and not feel like I was holding anyone up. I even managed to stay long enough to see Fantasmic (I can’t believe it’ll be gone for TWO YEARS!) and see the brand new fireworks for the 60th. Magical.

I’ve taken some extra rest days this week, feeling pretty crummy, but hoping to get back at it today before I go into work.

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IMG_0823 raw
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IMG_1511 raw wm
These next two are available for sale as prints in my Etsy shop. I’m considering adding some others as well. If you have a vote for any others you’ve seen, let me know. :) I’m sure some other photos will pop up on the blog as time goes on too (such as over at the photo blog ;) today).

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Can you guess where this post is going? Yup, BLISTERS.

So, it’s a new revelation out of nowhere that socks matter. No, no. That’d be much too easy. No, it’s the revelation of a girl that did exactly what she shouldn’t have done. She ran without socks.

So, you see, the “official” start of Princess Half Marathon training was a couple weeks ago – the week of my POT 10k. I have done SUPER well with sticking to my runs since it officially began (which if you know me or have read up, you know that’s an impressive feat). I was going to do a post about the official start of training, maybe I still will, but since we’re a couple weeks in that may not happen.

I had a pretty good run on Monday, but was still feeling that 10k and ran into some stomach trouble that ended up shortening my run.


So Wednesday last week, I packed my bag with the intention of running right after work and making up that extra time from Monday’s run. When the time came, I realized I forgot socks. I lamented over my lack of socks to a coworker and he in turn convinced me that I was being a baby and that socks aren’t necessary. Well, not fully convinced, but between our chat and the growing darkness, I didn’t want to take the time to go home, get socks, and drive somewhere where I could run in the dusk turned darkness. I would have lost too much time and would have been running in mostly dark instead of only half dark.

I decided I could totally run without socks.


The Run That Did Me In

Then, around mile 3.5 or so, my feet started hurting. The right one significantly more than the left one, but still both. Rather than stopping because I was back in my work vicinity and could call it quits, I kept running. I had a time goal for my training plan darn it! Yeahhhhhhhh, that was stupid idea number 2.

Since last Wednesday night, I’ve been hobbling around anytime I had real shoes on. Runs have gotten progressively slower. I just want it to be better already!


Saturday in my old high school’s neighborhood and one lap around the track (another .4 completed on the treadmill when I got to the gym for class)


Disney dreamin’ this morning on a SLOW painful 3.5 miles around my neighborhood.

Now I find myself Googling things like “how to treat blisters” and “how to recover faster from blisters” and “running blisters” because apparently 15ish years of ballet and other dance didn’t prepare me (or I’m just out of practice having not been in pointe shoes with any regularity since 2003). Apparently aloe vera helps, so that’ll be happening. Do you have any tips for me?

I have one tip for you: wear socks. Socks matter. Don’t ignore your instinct like me and run sock-free. Instead, keep a spare pair in your gym bag and if all else fails, adjust your training schedule. It’ll be fine, I promise. (At the very least, it’ll probably prevent you from limping and wincing all day every day.)

Last Saturday, I ran the Surfing Madonna 10k. It’s the largest beach run in the country and by beach run I do mean BEACH run. As in, in the sand. Wait no, let’s start at the beginning. Okay, not the very beginning. That’s already covered here. I ran the Surfing Madonna 10k for my proof of time race for the Princess Half Marathon.


The race began at 12:30 PM on Saturday because it needed to be low-tide for the run. The good: sleeping in. The bad: midday full sun, no clouds. My friend and I met for coffee mid-morning (I take mine bulletproof) and then drove on to the race. We got excellent parking because we got there super early. We were worried about the parking situation and the pre-race emails indicated that race day pick-up could have long lines. Since packet pick-up started two days before the race, we heeded the warnings. Truth be told, it was a total breeze and not really necessary.


We wandered around and enjoyed a nice 10-minute free massage from one of the sponsors. It was a long and increasingly hot wait for the start at that point. We were both eager to get started.

The race began promptly at 12:30 PM and both the 10k runners and the 10-mile runners were off. Let me take a moment to say I am SO glad I changed my mind about doing the 10-mile race.


Mile 1: Mile 1 was EXCELLENT. I had the exhilaration of the start and the sand was nice and hard-packed. I wrapped up the first mile in just under 11 minutes which was barely ahead of my goal pace. It was exciting and didn’t feel like I had rushed out too fast either. I had decided to do intervals based on my weekly runs and training, but I wanted to push myself a little harder since it was a race and expected I would be able to do so. Instead of my regular 2.5 minute run and one minute walk cycle, I did a three minute run and 45 second walk cycle. Nike+ Pace: 10:54.

Mile 2: I fell into my stride and knew I was falling behind my pace, but it was warm and I was trying to be smart. The first aid station was a lifesaver – I poured the water over my head and felt a rush of cold, but by the time it reached my face it was hot already. Nike+ Pace: 11:57.

Mile 3: This is where it started to get tough. The heat was seriously getting to me, but I was sticking to my intervals even if my running was slower and my walking was slower. I was thrilled to hit the turn around point. Nike+ Pace: 12:36.

Mile 4: I managed to pick up the pace after the half way point. I knew I just needed to get back where I started. I was still well behind my goal pace, but it was faster than mile 3 had been. Nike+ Pace: 12:19. Caught on camera by my friend during this mile.


Mile 5: Seriously. Hit. A. Wall. It was so, so hot. Between the 80 degree temperature and the direct sun beating on me, I was having a tough time. I started to walk part of my run cycle. More of the same. I remember passing the 5k turn around and thinking I only had a mile and a half to go. I could do this! Totally capable! More water on my head. More walking. I was basically ignoring my intervals at that point. Nike+ Pace: 12:59.

Mile 6-6.2: Totally brutal. Why was I not done yet when I only had a mile and a half to go?! I saw the finish line and couldn’t even bring myself to run the whole rest of the distance because I was so hot and exhausted. The worst part?! It turns out it WAS NOT a mile and a half to go. I had to run PAST the finish line .2 miles to hit the 6th mile and then run BACK to complete the race. It’s one thing to pass a mile marker/turn around toward the finish early in the race, but in an out and back type race, passing the finish line for so close to the end is just absolutely brutal. Now, maybe if I’d read the course map better I would have realized that it wasn’t just the 10 mile peeps continuing on, but even if I knew, that would have had the same impact at the time. Nike+ Pace: 13:00.

Official Finish Time: 01:16:20 / 12:17 Pace.


My goal was 01:09ish (I wanted between an 11 and 11:09 pace). So, I was well behind my preferred pace for my proof of time. I’m still glad I did it as it’ll still bump me up. I submitted it and my estimated time for Princess is 02:48 which is about 13 minutes behind my goal time and 6 minutes behind my personal best. I know that this race wasn’t indicative of my best, but I know I have work to do if I truly am going PR and PR by as much as I’d like. Also, it was still an improvement over August so if anything it’s proof that running actually helps (or maybe it was the flatter course, but we’re going with the former). ;)

I’m still proud of my finish especially with the sand and the heat and the midday direct sun. I know that I might have made it better had I not gone to Disneyland the day before with the walking of many steps and the drinks and the getting home late, but I don’t regret going (obviously).

After I finished, I waited for my friend to finish by drinking TONS of water and having a couple sponsor snacks (Nuttzo!!!!!!). Once my friend finished, we headed back to the car and off to claim our free post-race beers. As it turned out, the beer was not great, so we went somewhere else and treated ourselves with something delicious.

It wasn’t this one – apparently I didn’t get a real picture of that one and only got a snapchat. I did have THIS one later that evening though and it was AMAZING. Seriously, go find this one.


Any races for you lately?

I have a lot to share about my weekend (Disney! Proof of Time! The “official” start of training!)… but I’m tired, so I’m just going to leave these right here for now.

IMG_0673 raw wm
IMG_0779 raw wm

Have I ever told you that I’m a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fan? (Well, let’s not be limiting, I will watch just about anything Joss Whedon is involved in.) Some of you are probably well aware if you know me in real life. Haha.

I think of the subject line quote (from one of the most heart-wrenching episodes of Angel EVER) whenever I think about time (okay, sometimes I also think “525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear….how do you measure, measure a year?”).

While I’m slogging away and the minutes creep by at a snail’s pace at my office desk, when I see my nephew or friends’ kids, or little cousins and I can’t believe how much they’ve grown, while I’m trying to prepare for something, while I’m waiting for something exciting… time is so interesting. There really is so little and so much of it.


The time between now and the Princess Half Marathon is taking forever (I want to go on my racecation vacation!). But the time between now and the Princess Half will be not nearly enough time to save as much money as I want to (too fast!).

The number of days between now and my 10k race next week are passing at double time (I’m not ready!), but the number of days of work between now and my 10k will pass at half pace (can I leave this desk yet?!).


The seconds in a hover or plank are at least 100x slower than the seconds in a recover between sets.

The time since I last blogged apparently swooshed by because I feel like I JUST blogged, but um, nope. That’s not true.

The time between now and Homecoming at my high school is racing by (Operation Cheer Skirt! I need it to fit!).

The number of minutes in a mile or three miles… fine, running minutes are just SLOW (for me anyways).

And so on and so forth…

Those minutes spent running tend to be among the slowest minutes in my experience. But still, it’s easy to get wrapped up in how your feet hurt, your interval countdown, your cadence, how much time is left, how many miles are left, and well, just about everything and anything else.

There are many articles out there on why you should pay attention and what you should pay attention to while you’re running. Pay attention to stay safe (where are the cars? don’t use headphones (I will ignore this every time, but I do make sure I can hear the world too)). Pay attention to your breath (how are you breathing? is it effective?).

But what if you pay attention to what the world can teach you? What if you take in the beauty, the magic, the lessons the world and your route has for you that day? Perhaps time will pass a little more slowly… or quickly depending on what you’re looking for in the world. Maybe the lesson will be exactly what you need.

When it comes down to it every day has the same number of minutes… The same number of hours. Every day has the same potential. What will you find between the sunrise and the sunset?

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