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Hill Repeats

Wow! Slacking on my blogging… I need to brainstorm some ideas. 🙂

Today, we’re talking hill repeats. Some of you reading this shuddered at reading it because you KNOW… and some of you are like, uh, what? It is exactly what it sounds like. Hills. Repeatedly. It’s also just as much fun as it sounds like. 😉

FullSizeRender 12

They’re not fun, no, but you have to do them. Hill repeats will make me stronger. Hill repeats will make me faster. Hill repeats will get me closer to my goal time.

I have plans to regularly do hill repeats with a friend of mine. The hill right by the gym is just over a half mile climb. We meet before my morning BodyFlow class. We did three repeats the first time. I only did two the second time because I had to review my music for class. I figure between now and February I’ll have MANY opportunities to climb that hill. My friend is also way faster than me (though she certainly slows down for my sake), so she really pushes me to keep going and harder than I’d push myself.


I’m also trying to be good about varying my route when I run. I love LOVE my beach boardwalk route from the pier in Pacific Beach down to or past Belmont Park in Mission Beach, but it’s pretty flat so it can’t be my only route. I need to constantly push myself. Challenge brings change.

Speaking of my normal route though, yesterday I ran at the beach and finally saw my pace pick up! It’s great to see hard work paying off, even in small ways. It’s a great reminder to keep pushing and keep working.


2 thoughts on “Hill Repeats

  1. Good job on your pace! I really need to run hills. It’s the one thing missing from my half training and I really want to meet my goal time. Now to find hills to run in Florida….

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